Some things never change…

Some things never change, but then again, sometimes (almost) everything changes. Since my last post over 16 months ago, my life has been touched by nearly every major life-impacting event known to womankind. I thought about listing here all these tragedies, conundrums, and milestones, tempted by the shock value of their individual and accumulated status. But ultimately, that’s not really my style. Or is it? Maybe it should be. Maybe the newly transparent, vibrantly vulnerable woman that is emerging from the wreckage needs to boldly acknowledge my journey. Maybe I need to acknowledge my membership in the various tribes of which I now belong.

No. I just spent half an hour chronicling that tribes list here. At Number 17, it stopped feeling right. So I deleted all of them. But that doesn’t change my desire to put my stories out there – out HERE on my blog – not just in a shocking list, but in meaningful, redeeming ways. Because, despite all that is new, altered, damaged or rejuvenated in my life, my soul is still intact, with many of the same longings, loves and aspirations and convictions. It is truly a near miraculous reality and an evidence of grace beyond my mortal comprehension.

I’m still me, the “woman that never sleeps,” the lover of the quotidian life and the stories that reveal its sacred beauty. I hope you’ll stop by occasionally and join me in my marveling.



11 thoughts on “Some things never change…

  1. Dear Bri — my heart aches for what you must have been through — and I rejoice that you have come back to writing. Sharing your thoughts will let you knock the jagged edges off your pain, and allow God’s light of healing to seep into your soul. Brave on, dear one. (And if I can ever be of help in ANY way – I’m always here. ❤ )

  2. May God be glorified every single day, in your every quotidian moment as well as the moments of larger scope. I envision Him holding you in His loving, protective arms, whispering comforting words into ears that are eager to hear His truth. May 2015 be the best year yet for you, His faithful servant!

  3. Good for the heart to list the pain. Good for the readers to delete. It’s going on 4 years now since my own life was “cut off at the knees,” and I can say that I am learning to walk ok on prostheses. God is good. He has listened to my screams of terror and anger. And He continues to heal my heart. I love you.

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