Quotidian Quirks (a.k.a. “Overdue Randomness for Laura”)

Randomness does not even sound like a real word to me, but apparently it is.  But if it wasn’t, rather than begrudgingly force myself to accept this fact (like I’m attempting to do with the use of anyways – and by the way, I caution you on checking out Urban Dictionary‘s definition on this; they’re more vulgar than I am…) I would accept it .  Woo-hoo!  I DO accept it and I’m using it.  Rah! Rah!  Skip-boom-bah!  This, my friends, is the result of spending seven hours a day with 28 first graders, four hours a night revisiting algebra and Latin with your middle-school children and six hours this morning doing my PHS-1 on-line college science course (perhaps a story for another time of exuberant, delirious randomness.)

Seems like this might be a good time to insert a sentimental photo and change the subject.   This is a photo (courtesy Aunt Sue) of what is left of the swing on my grandparents’ farm.  For the last several months my mother has given me regular updates on the selling of the farm, a transaction which is the result of my grandmother and grandfather passing.  They both lived well into their 90’s – 95 and 98 – and their farm is in itself a world of analogies and metaphors for those of us blessed to spend time there.  My memories of the place are stacked in a happy recess in what’s left of my mind, like the fragrant golden bales in the gigantic tin-roofed hay shed just beyond the milk barn, half-way to the creek.  There are no swings on the playground at the school where I now work.  This is a sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad, sad commentary on contemporary society. There’s nothing like hours of exhilarating swinging to alleviate all your childhood cares.  I’m pretty sure it would work on my adult cares, but they paved paradise and didn’t put up a dadgummed swing, so I must blog.  Lucky you.  (That was a joke.)

Prayer is not a joke to me, and here is an excerpt from my favorite prayer diary: “Make me wise to see all things today under the form of eternity, and make me brave to face all the changes in my life which such a vision may entail: through the grace of Christ my Saviour. Amen.” (A Diary of Private Prayer by John Baillie).   Being mindful of the big picture, embracing change – the ever-present adversaries warring away in my mind and soul.

But speaking of another type of “big picture,” my hubby and I are finally going out for long overdue Date Night; i.e., dinner and a movie.  Thankfully this is one of the most effective adult versions of childhood swinging.


Pump those legs.

Feel the breeze.

The sun is kissing me all over my face.



7 thoughts on “Quotidian Quirks (a.k.a. “Overdue Randomness for Laura”)

  1. Looks like Anna came back just in time, to help with the cooking while you teach and teach and write!!!  May the Lord grant strength and endurance for every task!




  2. I figured that you were busy with school, thus the lack of quotidian quotations and quips. Speaking of date night, Linda and I went to Interuban restaurant and then to the bookstore. Our first date since May it was, and truly enjoyed. You and Jay enjoy your time together. It gets better as the years pass, my friend.

  3. Excellent job on the random thoughts – I am inspired to revisit that topic myself. Love how you did it, and the shout out made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Have fun on your well-deserved date tonight!

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