Random Quotidian-ness


I’m not gonna lie.  I’m about three months behind in my Read Through the Bible in a Year plan.  Often I begin my reading time with the prayer from Psalm 119:18, “Open my eyes that I may behold wonderful things out of your law.”  At least those are the words I hurriedly mumble with a momentary blink of my eyes, thumbing pages.  I don’t fool God, though; He sees my doubting heart, hears my silent sighs.  Yet, He “deals bountifully with his servant.” (Psalm 119:17)  He knows my fainthearted need for pictures – to see to believe  – if only through the meat of hearty metaphors which he heaps upon the plate my weak arms lift limply up to Him.  “Learn not the way of the nations…” I read.  “Their idols are like scarecrows in a cucumber field, and they cannot speak; they have to be carried for they cannot walk…” (Jeremiah 10: 2, 5)  O, Lord, help me to dump the stupid scarecrows I haul around.


Yesterday morning I went outside to check the pool water, and a movement just beyond the view fence caught my eye.   A mere 10 yards away a healthy coyote was looking up at me.  (Ironically, the night before I’d watched the dude flick “The Grey” with my husband.  For an instant I imagined glowing yellow eyes in the beast’s head.)  The coyote began nonchalantly wandering back into the desert and was at the walking path before I thought to try to snap a photo with my phone.  Can you find him – or at least its tail?


Today, above the brush into which the coyote retreated, there are softly billowing grey clouds.  A cool breeze wrinkles the pool water.  Raindrops dapple the pages of my Bible.




I’m afraid to skillet- flip eggs.  Spatulas are good.




9 thoughts on “Random Quotidian-ness

  1. Sabrina,
    Your openness to expose your failures is a breath of fresh air. I started a bible reading plan a several months ago and now have totally abandoned it. I rebel against the daily ‘have-to’ read a token portion of the bread of life. Ingesting a bit here and a piece there of grace engenders not life but a cornucopia of failure. I’m looking for a new way, a different way to break through the crust of my sin, to drop me from my height of arrogance and independent ways to splatter on the concrete of His word.

    I’ll admit to that it has been a tough, tough couple of months and days as we struggle through Linda’s health issues. As for me I need a mega-dose of grace and trust, not because I’m giving up, just maybe giving into real dependance on the Lord.

    an utterly dependent creature,

    1. Rick, my brother, I love, love, love the thoughts which you’ve so eloquently shared here. I, too, need to be splattered on the concrete of His word. I will be praying for you all. May you be granted that mega-dose of grace and trust.

  2. I abandoned my Bible-in-a-year reading plan before I even got started. I have no excuses, not even the distractions of what we have chosen to undertake this year. So while you see yourself as failing, you have succeeded far beyond my meager, whimpering half-promise to try.

    How I do love the randomness of this post. You should more of these. Perhaps you could call it Quotidian Quirks. 🙂

    1. Hey Rick, I totally resonate with the words that you posted. …”to drop me from my height of arrogance and independent ways to splatter on the concrete of His word.” Wow! I would love to buy you a cold beverage some day and find out what roads you have travelled. Your story sounds intriguing. And I too will pray for Linda’s health.

      Fellow splatter-er and traveler,

      1. Hey Doug,
        Friends of my good friends are my friends, so a brew of epic proportions shared between brothers on the path of His righteousness would be awesome. As for my story, Jay and Bri know and have participated in some of it, and like all believers it’s a tale of His grace and faithfulness, for I am bereft of either except His unexpected and undeserved intervention. I covet your prayers dear brother for my bride of thirty years, for sure. We want to come out to the land of the sun, but have yet to find the Lord’s hand and timing for this trip.

        yet strangers in a barren land,

  3. Hey Bri…great post. I agree with Rick’s take. It is refreshing to hear the foibles and failures of fellow friends. I just never make any errrrors…oops…I mean mistakes. Seriously, thanks for this post.

    Doug the Slug

    1. Doug, it would be awesome if you helped me talk Rick and his lovely wife into a trip to AZ. (Incidentally, they also have an amazing son named Doug.) Someone as perfect as you can surely handle that feat! 😉

      1. The challenge has been accepted! Rick and Linda and Doug are now on my radar of prayer and persistent pursuit to plea for planning to pack your bags and come to the Land of Dry Heat and Illegal Immigrants…it’s a dry alien…err I mean wet…if they go thru the river.
        Seriously…Rick, you gotta come out here! That brew of epic proportions is just waiting for you. And i will personally pour the pint profusely. Yeah…If you know Jay and Bri, then we are already friends. i will give you the secret handshake and de-coder ring. BTW…your son has a great name…:-) Take care new friend…Doug the slug…;-p

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