Donut Paradise

What happens when I let the kids talk me into watching the Travel Channel’s Donut Paradise with them?

A lesson on making sopaipillas ensues.
My sister’s recipe in my mother’s lovely handwriting.

The recipe is very similar to Paula Deen’s recipe for French Quarter Beignets.

Sugar for sweetness!
Oops! Remembering you threw out your rolling pin with your last move…Senor Flour meet your new partner, Senorita Botella de Vino!
A beautifully soft dough.
Okay, Botella de Vino, prove yourself!

(She worked so well I may not even buy a rolling pin!)

This is the way we roll.
This is the way we cut.
This is the way we rest.
This is the way we fry.
Waiting for a (powdered sugar) shower.
There we go!
With iced café au lait.
And a little chocolate…
And smiles from the ones who started it all.

– All photos by Loey (with the exception of the last one by Katy) –


19 thoughts on “Donut Paradise

    1. They do go especially well with a rainy day… just in case you ever get one of those. I would switch to a nice hot mocha, though – say, from Coffee’s On. 😉

  1. Well, I must say my favorite part was the two darling subjects in the last photo! 🙂 My, they are growing up. Time flies indeed.

    1. I must thank you, Esther…you weren’t home when I tried to call to borrow your rolling pin today, and I kind of fancy my new one! 🙂 (I’ll tell Loey her favorite artist likes her pics.)

  2. Difficile de croire à une amélioration de la situation quand on lit cette histoire de corruption. Le fruit est vraiment bien pourri, jusqu’au coeur. Dans quel monde vivent ces gens-là ? Tout cette clique de l’administration américaine, Démocrates, Républicains, Congrès, Députés, Gouverneurs, Pentagone, bref l’administration américaine dans son ensemble? Quelle est leur vision du monde? J’aimerai vraiment comprendre.

  3. Jeg traff en gang en pike med downs syndrom. Jeg fikk sagt noe hun synes var veldig dumt, og det eneste hun kunne si (og gjentok og gjentok) var: jeg gremmes. Hun var så søt. Det er også det eneste jeg kan si om uttalelsen til BHH: jeg gremmes. Han var ikke søt.

  4. I don’t think I discovered who I was until I decided to get a divorce. My mind was in a funny place for a while too. The guy I met seemed pretty great, but I was too shy and under confident to talk to him much. Hopefully some other time! Like maybe if you travel a bit further north next time you are in the Bay Area.

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