P: My PAT answer

P at, my friend,

R eminded me when I was yet on N, that

E ven when our dreams fall flat or

S end us

S earching for some class or

      O nly serve to scare us

      N ight will pass away and Hope will

                    P ull me into dawn’s new day

                    R ays will shine and

                    E nd my fears

                    S he didn’t say it exactly like that

                    S he said two words, then

                          O ver again, and I am

                          N ow repeating them…in my own way


6 thoughts on “P: My PAT answer

  1. Well, la-dee-da, my name in lights; I feel honored. I thought it was ingenious on the first read-through, but it became even more so the second time through when I actually noticed the PRESS ON! 🙂

    I wish I had some very clever alliterated reply for you, but I was up way past my bedtime waiting to be introduced, via Skype, to my new granddaughter who was born yesterday. Praise God. It’s going to be a long six weeks until I can get my hands on her.

    1. Well, Granna! I will totally forgive you for not reciprocating creatively this time! Congratulations on the new little blessing. I will be praying these next few weeks will fly by for you.

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