Glorious GORP!

I have been Going, Going, Going all this G-lovin’ day, so now at 8:59 p.m. PST I’m finally Getting around to the G word that I’ve been anticipating ever since I signed up for this Challenge.  Ah…the memories…the Rocky Mountain high induced by the memory of life on the trail with friends who mock your hairy legs.  It was there, over 30 years ago, amid the grand and glorious Rockies that I was first introduced to the concocted grub that would sustain and energize me and a handful of other friends and leaders from my church youth group over the course of a 5-day backpacking trip across the Continental Divide. Yes, hikers, I’m talking about good ol’ GORP.

Wikipedia reports that gorp might stand for “good old raisins and peanuts,” “granola, oats, raisins and peanuts,” or “gobs of raw protein.”  You get the idea: a snack mix that usually contains things like nuts, raisins, seeds, dried fruit and toasted oats.  Variations are endless: dried cranberries, chocolate covered raisins, other dried fruits (such as apricots), cereals such as Rice or Corn Chex and Cheerios, chocolate chips or butterscotch morsels, or M & M’s.

Alas, no gorp for me today, so I’m draGGinG myself to bed…


2 thoughts on “Glorious GORP!

  1. There. I learned another new word. We took som gorp with us every day on our trip around Australia in the seventies–my three children, husband, basset hound and I. Never knew the proper word for my mixture though. I thought I’d made the concept up. 😉

    1. Francene, that sounds like an amazing trip! My family had a Bassett hound growing up, too. I hope you get to take more trips and enjoy more gorp! Thanks for reading!

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