A to Z Blog Challenge: Day 2

Today is “B” day in the blog challenge.  I haven’t checked the stats, but it seems like B words ought to be one of the biggest occupants of the English dictionary.  It was tempting to choose blogging or books.  I even thought about transcribing the entire Berenstains’ B Book, as I spent a good portion of my life with a kid or two or three on my lap reading it till I was sure I was blue or brown or burgundy in the face…”Big brown bear, blue bull, beautiful baboon…”  But I’ve decided to stick with boiling up food-related themes.  Here I seek to bolster support for breading.

It seems like breading gets a bum rap these days, but I’ve learned from one of the country’s most credible weight loss programs that it can be used in healthy ways.  And lo and behold it’s actually quite quick and easy to make something taste “special.”  All you have to do is take 4-ounce cuts of turkey or chicken breast (sometimes I pound the chicken breasts to 1/4 inch thickness) or boneless pork tenderloin cutlets, season them with salt and pepper, brush both sides with a thin coating of reduced fat mayonnaise and press them into Italian-seasoned bread crumbs.  Place them on a lightly greased broiler pan and broil them 4 inches from the heat for 3-4 minutes on each side.

I will be completely befuddled if this method doesn’t boost your opinion of breading.


5 thoughts on “A to Z Blog Challenge: Day 2

  1. What a lovely, alliterative post today! I love that you touched on books 🙂 before moving on to your topic, of which I am a great fan! How nice to learn some positive weight loss strategies that embrace breading.

  2. And I love that you touched on blogging! 🙂 I have always been a fan of breading myself (sometimes to my family’s dismay). Keep on breading and blogging!!

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