Despair? Wa-Hoo!

For no good reason, I’ve been moaning and groaning, feeling sorry for myself, and generally having an off day.   Nothing like a little Billy Collins to bring me out of my funk…


So much gloom and doubt in our poetry/flowers wilting on the table,/the self regarding itself in a watery mirror.

Dead leaves cover the ground,/the wind moans in the chimney,/and the tendrils of the yew tree inch toward the coffin

I wonder what the ancient Chinese poets/would make of all this/these shadows and empty cupboards?

Today, with the sun blazing in the trees,/my thoughts turn to the great/tenth-century celebrator of experience,

Wa-Hoo, whose delight in the smallest things/could hardly be restrained,/and to his joyous counterpart in the western provinces,/Ye-Hah.


5 thoughts on “Despair? Wa-Hoo!

  1. I first heard Billy Collins on Garrison Keillor…reading a poem abut a dead dog. It was sad and funny at th same time, and I was an instant Collins fan. KLK

  2. I think I’ve read that one, too, Kay Lynn. One of my favorites – although I thankfully can’t relate – is “Divorce.” He says so much with so few words…

    Once, two spoons in bed,
    now tined forks

    across a granite table
    and the knives they have hired.

  3. That lost rider guy82s R1200R is a mess though. I would know, he is a former customer of mine at the shop. He always tries to make a big deal how he off roads that R while the GS guys don’t do enough off road. However his bike is testament to why you need the higher suspension travel along with more appropriate wheel sizes and types.

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