You found your pizza where?

– “I was wondering why my car reeked…definitely didn’t notice my leftover pizza had fallen out of my lunch sack.”

– “I’ll pray this music keeps me awake on my way to school.”

– “Every time I drive through a yellow light I tap the roof of my car.”

Just a sampling of my daughter’s Facebook statuses.  She’s in college 1,100 miles away, a safe distance for keeping me from freaking on her for giving me heart palpitations.   Yes, I know she could be posting things far more alarming, and I’m truly thankful that most of her posts reflect what a determined, capable, thoughtful young woman she is becoming.  I’m not so sure my mom would have been able to say the same about me at the same age.

My college days predated cell phones, laptops and the internet (NOT electricity – contrary to what my kids think.)  Otherwise, my mom might have read things like…

– “Just drove across the entire state of Kansas BY MYSELF.”

– “Ran out of gas on mountain road to Kittredge, CO.  Walking to lighted house.”

– “Note to self: no more blind dates with friends of brother’s brother-in-law.”

– “Listened to roomie’s new record (U2?)  Think I’ll stick with Lionel Richie.”

All of which would have betrayed my 18-year-old ignorance.  Then again, the betrayal of ignorance is the most necessary of sign posts on these wild, amazing journeys.  Even the solo ones down mountain roads and across vast deserted prairie highways…and I suppose, even through yellow lights when you’re barely awake.


6 thoughts on “You found your pizza where?

  1. I’m sorry but that’s just YUCK! I mean gag me with a spoon! You chose Lionel Richie over U2! What?! Please say it isn’t so…. hee hee 🙂

  2. I’m so relieved, Luma! And yes, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, but it will be a bloody Sunday before I ever pick Lionel over U2 again. Older and wiser! 🙂

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