La Señora Loca con la Cámara

It begs for a story…
This is the same field of flowers pictured in my last blog, except when I took that photo these easy chairs had yet to be dumped beside them. Not long after I took the first photo, I was doing my regular afternoon drive to pick up the kids from school, when I noticed what looked like a pile of junk. At that time the chairs were bowed over kissing the dirt, their tan under bottoms disguising their true blue identity. Breezing past, I couldn’t even tell they were chairs. By the time the kids and I drove back by on our way home, the chairs had been righted, perfectly positioned as if looking out a giant picture window.
I like to imagine they were set there for me – that the migrants working across the road had peered out from underneath their wide-brimmed hats and spied me with my camera that day. Maybe one of them said, “La senora loca con la cámara!” But the other one, the one who worked the fields out of a love for the land and the flowers, said, “Su corazon es capturado por las flores. Tengo una idea.”

And that is how the two blue recliners, one for me and one for my muse, came to be a roadside fixture.


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