My heroes fill jars and fold napkins

Today’s “Quotidian Hero” award goes to country singer Ashton Shepherd. In an NPR interview Ashton, who still lives in a single-wide trailer on six acres in Alabama, says, “It makes me feel good to grow things in the garden and put things up in jars.

The “Junior Quotidian Hero” award goes to my little friend who just happened to be hanging out at my house the other day when I took a load of linens from the dryer. As I folded bath towels, she spied the table napkins and decided to join me in my endeavors. I watched her delicate fingers grasp and grapple with the clean but fading pieces of fabric that serve to wipe away savory messes from my family and friends’ hands and faces. She persisted until every napkin was folded and stacked. Her help saved me a little effort, but more than that, it showed me the beauty to be found in youthful eagerness and diligent, determined hands. It reminded me of what “Quotidian Mysteries” author, Kathleen Norris wrote, “We must look for blessings to come from unlikely, everyday places…the aesthetic sensibility is attuned to the sacramental possibility in all things.”
Thank you, Ashton Shepherd and Little Napkin Folder, for reminding me to look for sacramental possibilities.

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