Made for you and me

You know the song…”California…New York Island…Redwood Forest…Gulf Stream waters…ribbon of highway…endless skyway…golden valley…diamond deserts…wheat fields waving…dust clouds rolling…”

My recent vacation back to my home state (and Woody Guthrie’s) brought these words to mind as I relished the sights, sounds and scents of familiar – though not recently traversed – terrain. As I was re-exploring the verdant beauty of my sister’s property one morning, I was struck by how similar it was to some of the places I visited on my vacation to another continent last summer. Yes, many who have not experienced the beauties found in my home state might find it shocking, but I don’t think any natives of Oklahoma would be surprised to find that one can compare her secret glories to those of… Ireland! And while my time in Ireland included several overcast and drizzly days that make one want to curl up with warm blankets and beverages, my home state also delivered a similar, albeit more demanding-of-attention cozy, grey beauty. There’s nothing like a good thunder-rolling, lightning-electrified, gusty rainstorm. I love the way another writer describes these scenes found in the Midwest. “…fat spring clouds went somersaulting, rumbling east. Then it poured, a storm that walked on legs of lightning, dragging its shaggy belly over the fields.” (From “Mother” by Ted Kooser) Perfect imagery that – “legs of lightning,” “dragging its shaggy belly.”
Now I am back in the land of “diamond deserts,” and hoping that all who vacation or travel through this land of yours and mine, will be as moved as I was to take time to marvel and give thanks for it.
A scene from the West of Ireland

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