Just call me "Blog Killer"

Yes, I am on a poetry kick, which I realize is probably a blog killer. Former Poet Laureate, Ted Kooser, writes that “There’s no money in poetry because most of my neighbors, and most of yours, don’t have any use for it.” Nevertheless, I’m reading Kooser’s Poetry Home Repair Manualto try to improve my – er-“craft.” Well, Neighbor, I don’t think you’ll have to worry about this becoming a poetry blog – even if am inspired and convinced of Kooser’s reasons FOR writing poetry, and actually improve my techniques.

Kooser would probably approve of little, if any, of what you’re about to read. (Doesn’t that just make you want to get right down to reading it?) Actually, he might acknowledge that there is structure. Might.
I wrote this Seuss-like little rhyme for my daughter’s high school graduation last year. Now she’s moving away for culinary school, and these thoughts have come back to mind.
On Your Head
Your MeMa would say you “weren’t big as a minute,”
but you set a big goal and eventually you’d win it
Just barely four you were back then
but I will always remember when
from the time you got up until going to bed
you were determined to STAND ON YOUR HEAD!
With your head in the floor and your feet in the air
you learned many things, but just three that I’ll share
Just three little things from back in the day
but they’ll serve you well as you start on your way
The first thing you learned form your time on your head
is it takes PERSEVERANCE to get up and ahead
You employed this as you studied for tests
or perfected a recipe for special guests
You learned what it means to persevere
and I know you’ll persist through joy or fear
Now the next thing you learned – this is number two
is that sometimes you just have to change your view
We have another word – we call it PERSPECTIVE
and this requires that you be perceptive
to learn with all things and all people you meet
if you should be standing on your head or your feet
And finally the third thing you’ve heard as a fact
that life is simply a BALANCING ACT
In your room where you taped scriptures on the door
there also were stacks of movies galore
For a Christian young woman in the century we’re in
you must juggle two worlds with discipline
You are in, not of, this place
and ultimately you must walk through each door with grace
are three things I think will help you to see
when all is done and all is said
you’ve learned quite a bit from your time on your head!

3 thoughts on “Just call me "Blog Killer"

  1. I love this, I really do! And don't count yourself short on talent – those who matter will see it, and those who don't…well, they don't matter. 🙂

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