This was just supposed to be…

about me wondering if I should consider turning this into a blog featuring my daughters’ art work. It turned into me thinking about other upcoming events, which were probably already hovering like a delicate, wispy cloud in the back of my mind, not to mention over my heart.

This latest painting is from Daughter #1. She just returned from
Oregon, which might have inspired this piece. But everyone knows Oregonians don’t use umbrellas, so this must be her back in Arizona, reflecting on her time there, the umbrella a symbol of protection for those dear people and places she left back in the rain. Not that I’m trying to force my interpretation on her work. We’re long past…

me forcing anything on her. In 20 days she leaves home to begin a pursuit of another one of her artistic endeavors, culinary school. And if I could paint a picture of this process of sending her off – the excitement, the joy, the hopes, and fears – well, maybe I should just show you her art. It’s always best to let it speak for itself, right?


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