Quotidian Inspirations

Before I discovered the word “quotidian” in a newspaper review of a Rembrandt art exhibit, it wasn’t part of my vocabulary. Now (as you can tell) I’ve kind of taken a liking to it. I think part of its appeal is its sort of oxymoronic vibe; i.e., the word itself certainly doesn’t sound very “everyday,” at least not in my quotidian circles. “Quaffing at the fount of quotidian quandaries” is part of my profile blurb and truly what I aspire to do, but I often need help to fully appreciate the “everyday.” Usually my kids are my best eyes and ears, and their quotidian object of choice lately seems to be lampposts/streetlights. First my youngest daughter wrote a poem about them (see my May 9 blog entry) and now my middle daughter has been inspired by one. What quotidian things have inspired you lately?


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