The Dangers of "Dislike"

I just read (another) Facebook post declaring that you can now “Enable Dislike Button.” Normally, I would immediately dismiss this cyclical rumor regarding this purported feature, but today it sent my mind directly elsewhere – back to something I’d read somewhere else, in a place this side of cyberspace. Not that there isn’t plenty of truth on Facebook or other cyberplaces, but most of what I find myself reading there isn’t as ancient as Job, and it was one of his comments that I had read just prior to finding the Facebook comment.

Job was convinced that he should be willing to receive evil as well as good from the hand of the Lord. In other words, I don’t think that Job would have been pushing any Dislike buttons. The writer who was using Job’s words went on to give several other analogies about believing “that the night is as useful as the day.” Yet, there’s even more to this analogy.

A little more research on the infamous “Dislike” button reveals that there are actually scams whereby pushing the so-called button will clog your friends’ Facebook walls and potentially do other malicious harm to your computer. Can’t the same be said of choosing to dislike the providences of our lives? Don’t we often get ourselves into more trouble and misery by chaffing under our trials? I know I do. “Clogged” is a very apt word for the way I feel when I find myself trying to skirt the unlikable situations in my life. As difficult as things may sometimes be for us, we’re better off to keep our mice ever poised over our inner “Like” buttons. Then, we are more likely to be able to say also with Job, “Blessed be the name of the LORD.” (Job 1:21)


4 thoughts on “The Dangers of "Dislike"

  1. Actually, I think I can activate such buttons for my posts…but you know how insecure I am about stuff like that. Ha! Seriously, as always, I write these things because I (capital, capital "I!") need to hear them.

  2. Amen to this. I can honestly say that I have always done better physically, emotionally and spiritually when I have NOT chaffed under the hand of the Lord and His hard providences. Well said, Sabrina.

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