She sits; she stands; she always observes

*Note: My youngest daughter is filling in for me today. I was working on something to post – some Mother’s Day- inspired thoughts – when she asked me to read her latest poem. I decided that letting my child speak would perhaps be my best, “motherly” expression…

The Lamppost
by Loey (age 9 and 11/12)
As I stand on our rocky, hilly path
to our front yard I look up at the sky
and the lamppost
As the sun starts to set I go to sleep
And the clouds start to turn pink
The lamppost sits there with no light
it could just be waiting until the
sky says it’s night, or it could
already be asleep
The birds fly against the sky
trying to hurry back to their families
but the lamppost doesn’t stop them
He stands there in silence
The sky has darkened, and the sun
has about fallen asleep
All the other lampposts have turned on
but this one still dreams away
He refuses to awake, one
after one, men come to wake him
but after he’s awake, he sleeps again
and so he still remains the
dark lamppost
A Big Tree
by Loey (age 9 and 11/12)
I sit out on our front porch and look around
at what God has made
Our neighbors’ driveway is empty – no cars
rest in it…they’re out running their motors
and using gasoline
The birds chirp softly and the cars
pass by, and I sit here full of thought
My bare foot lays against the arm
to our front porch bench, and my hand
grips my pencil
The sky is blue as can be
and the clouds lay there with no words
I long for a big tall tree in our front yard
to climb
but all there are only small little bushes
but God made our yard how it is
supposed to be so that’s why there are
no big trees in our front yard
to climb

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