Cloudy With a Chance of Greed

Personally speaking, today’s defining sin was greed. I awoke to one of the rarest of Arizona days – partly cloudy. For someone whose blood was apparently infused with a cloud gene during my years in Oregon, it should have been a delight. But no, partly cloudy wasn’t enough today. I despised the patches of sunlight, the golden linings. I wanted utter and complete cloudiness.

Aside from the hypothetical cloud gene, I’m afraid to delve into the possible reasons why I’m wired like this. I don’t think I’m particularly morose. And personally, I think greyness gets a bum rap. Grey is beautiful. I realize not everyone shares my enthusiasm, but I often forget. Case in point…
When my husband and I were in Ireland last summer he was disappointed that once we got to Dublin (after driving around the entire island under sunny skies) the weather turned rainy. He termed it “bad weather,” but I quipped, “It depends on what you define as ‘bad weather.'” In my opinion, if you have to spend time in a big city, it’s better to spend it under the comfort and security of a cloudy sky. I welcomed the clouds and rain with little thought of his predicament of driving a foreign car in a foreign city with unmarked streets, all in the dim and blur of “bad” weather. Greed. Selfishness. Me.
But if I am greedy about clouds, my husband is generous in making the most of them. On our last day in Dublin – yet another overcast day – he took these photos looking straight up at the Spire of Dublin (ironically for this day, it’s also known as the Monument of Light). I love the optical illusions he created. They remind me that perspective is everything, and that’s exactly what I need to think the next time I’m tempted to want more than I get.
Spire or a fog-enveloped highway?

Spire or an envelope?


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