I’ll Come After You With a Salad Fork

I’ve come up with the invention of the decade, and if you steal it from me, I will hunt you down with a salad fork. Why? Because I have 22 of them in my flatware drawer, that’s why! There’s a chance there might also be an unlikely few in the dishwasher, and if the kids were younger, I’d say there are probably several in the sandbox, too. But the kids are older now, so my bet is that you might find one under a bed – but only because someone mistook it for a spoon when she was sneaking a midnight bowl of cereal.

Now ask me how many cereal spoons are in my flatware drawer. You guessed it. Zero. Battle Creek, we have a problem.

The Little Mermaid may have had a cute idea for forks, and those wind chimes are nifty, but I’m all about being practical, and that means (tune the drum roll on a cereal box…) the Salad Fork Converter Attachment! As seen in the prototype pictured above, the SFCA would be a spoon-shaped piece that snaps on over the tines of a salad fork. (This one was molded out of aluminum foil, but you get the idea.) All out of spoons AGAIN? Just snap on the SFCA, and voila! I think I hear Tony now.

Should I market them in sets of 50 or 100?


4 thoughts on “I’ll Come After You With a Salad Fork

  1. Thanks, Di! (Once again our brains run concurrently!) I won't mention any names (Husband!), but some people just don't appreciate brilliant ideas when they read about them.

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