"Waiting Story" Number Two

What are you waiting for?
A job offer? The arrival of a new grandbaby?
Your teenage sister to get out of the bathroom?
Among other things, I’m waiting for the results of Donald Miller’s “Living a Better Story Seminar” blog contest. To read my entry and learn more about the seminar, scroll down to my July 15th post. While we wait, how about another story?
Welcome to Vegas…Woman!

If you’ve never clicked on my song at the right, you can now hear it on a site you might find a little more exciting. My manager (oh, okay – my husband) got an email message today from a company saying that they were featuring the song on one of their links. If you click here on Presto Album you’ll find that they’re featuring it on an album of Las Vegas photos. While Woman Never Sleeps may sound like the perfect theme for Sin City, I find it very ironic. I wrote it about my stay-at-home-mom life, while I was in a garage band with two guys from my church. And please, don’t send me your desperate housewife stories and try to convince me that Woman Never Sleepsis more appropriate than I’d want to admit. I’m certainly not claiming sinlessness, but if something happened in Vegas and I had to stay in Vegas, it would probably be because my minivan broke down.


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