"Waiting Story" Number One

What are you waiting for?
A job offer? The arrival of a new grand baby?
Your teenage sister to get out of the bathroom?
Among other things, I’m waiting for the results of Donald Miller’s “Living a Better Story Seminar” blog contest. To read my entry and learn more about the seminar and contest, scroll down to my July 15th post. While we wait, how about another story?
“The Woodshed”
Being “taken to the woodshed” does not generally conjure up pleasant thoughts. But if you’re like my son, and you get the opportunity to help build a woodshed for which people are profusely, verbally thankful, your perspective changes. In his case, being taken to an impoverished Native American community in north central Washington was a “humbling experience.”
Today some of my best friends are on their way back up to that same community, the reservation for the Confederated Tribes of Colville. Knowing my friends, the vehicles in which they travel will be filled with both fun and lively conversation and thoughtful, serious anticipation. I don’t know the specific details for the group’s agenda for this trip, but I do know that they firmly believe that “unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain.” (Psalm 127) Building, painting, and repairing things are always on the list of things for this mission team to do. So, with paintbrushes and caulk guns in hand, they live out their faith, ready to give an account of the hope that is in them.
I know that whatever is accomplished on this trip, my friends will not return home the same. When my son returned from his first trip to the reservation, he came back more compassionate, more aware of the physical and spiritual needs of others. Given that he (like most of us) had had his fair share of trips to the proverbial woodshed growing up, these were definitely encouraging changes for a mother to observe.
May God bless all the woodsheds for this year’s Colville team.

Members of the mission team paint a building on the Colville Reservation. (Photo courtesy Breanna Cole)


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