Overjoyed by my "Go-To"

Do you have a Go-To CD? One that you play anytime your soul is thirsting for truth and encouragement? The one you play when the worries of this world are weighing heavily upon your shoulders? Driving to church last Sunday, I realized that I do have such a CD. It’s Overjoyed by 40 Miles North. The title track, which includes the lyric, “And today if it’s sunshine or rain, if it’s pleasure or pain, I will not be afraid – Cause You promised me that You’re gonna be always faithful – Always right beside me,” is just one of the 13 tracks which consistently deliver messages that weary souls long to hear. Actually, I often don’t even realize that my soul needs these reminders until I play the CD. Then, as the music seeps into my dulled brain and floods my crackly heart, I know I’m being transformed from a dried up sponge to a pliable, renewed being. And it’s not a sappy, syrupy renewal. This music softens, but that is because it is so firmly rooted in a solid foundation of truth.

The story of how I got my Overjoyed CD makes me smile, too. It’s been nearly six years since the drizzly evening when I sat in a dimly lit coffee house in Vancouver, Washington with my husband and our pastor and his wife. We were hoping to enjoy some good live music, but we didn’t know who was playing, and looking around it was hard to be hopeful. Only one other table was occupied.
All the people that could have filled those unoccupied tables missed out that night. Husband and wife duo, Jeremiah and Marcie Olson (40 Miles North) played like they were across the river, headlining at the Rose Quarter. Yes, they were that good – even in front of a handful of people.
To the best of my knowledge Jeremiah and Marcie have yet to play the Rose Quarter. From what I can surmise by their website, they are busy raising their family and sharing their talents in their church and community in their home state of Indiana. I’m thankful for that one evening I was providentially introduced to their music in Vancouver. Let me rephrase that – I’m overjoyed about that evening they spent in Vancouver.

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