Something to Wine About

Tuscan Dreams by Kenneth Schilling

I feel like I’m breaking a guiding principle of womanhood, but Michael’s (you know – the craft store) is not my favorite place to shop. I’m just not a very crafty person. Nevertheless, I gladly took my daughter there today so she could buy yarn to crochet slippers for some elderly friends. Unlike her mother, my daughter is a whiz with a crochet hook, and I’m eager to encourage her talent. Still, I opted to wait for her in the car while she shopped. (Getting too close to all those scrap booking aisles might send me on a major guilt trip.) It was a fortuitous wait.
As I waited I scanned the radio stations, and came across a local show that was featuring Kenneth Schilling. “Who is Kenneth Schilling?” you ask. Judging by his introduction on the program, I thought he sounded like a pretty interesting person. He’s a former high tech CEO who became an artist (at age 50) AND a vintner. When he started talking about how his art is featured on his wine labels, I knew I had to go home and look him up.
His website says that “Ken is passionate about providing fine art and fine wine to everyone bringing beauty and joy into our daily living experience through his work as an Artist and Vintner…Ken’s stated philosophy is, ‘Just as I use a palette of colors to create beautiful paintings, I use a palette of flavors to produce these beautiful wines.'”
I haven’t sampled the wine yet, but if it’s anything like his artwork it will surely be sumptuous. I recommend that you check out the Kenneth Schilling website and then follow me to the wine store.

2 thoughts on “Something to Wine About

  1. It was so refreshing to read your blog and look up Mr. Schilling's website and look at his lovely artwork after working on our taxes all day (was it a coincidence that I was also enjoying a glass of wine??!! I think not! :-))! Let me know how you like his wines. I love your stories–thanks for sharing!! Love you!

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