My Crowning Achievement

I’m only writing today because I promised myself (and maybe Aunt Sue) that I would blog at least every two weeks. It was fun hearing from all the Dylan fans after my last blog. Evidently blogging about Dylan sets off some kind of alert system in blogosphere. I wish I could wax poetically and Dylan-like about the past two weeks, but I don’t have the time or energy. Life has been full of the quotidian. In all its beauty, that still boils down to plain old busyness. By the way, I use the word “quotidian” on purpose because it reminds me of fun times teaching an art class to a little group of great kids. The class wasn’t quotidian, but that word came up – in some art critic’s review of Dutch painters. Having special memories to dip into is one of the things that fuels me on these long stretches on life’s highway. I thought about saying “desert” highway, but that makes it sound like my life is dry and barren. It’s anything but. It’s been full of job losses and gains, car break-downs, car shopping, motherhood, teenagers…Halloween. Remember when I groaned about my sewing skills? When I used duct tape to alter my great pair of jeans? I sewed a chef hat for my daughter’s Halloween costume. I won a battle with the sewing machine last Saturday. That was my crowning achievement for the last couple of weeks. Then again, maybe my true crowning achievement was remembering that real life is about chef hats and little girls.


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