Thinking Green: Wedding Dresses, Etc.

When my son was a teenager he told me he hoped his future wife would wear a green wedding dress. I was horrified. I turned green. I shouldn’t have been surprised, though; green has been his favorite color as long as I can remember. It makes sense that he would envision the love of his life dressed in green on what will hopefully be one of the most beautiful days of his life. I’ve worried that if he persists in this desire, well…you know…will he find anyone to wear that green dress? He assures me that “the right one” will.

History (other people’s history) proves this to be true. I recently read a book about the marriage of the 18th century theologian, Jonathan Edwards. Here’s the description of his beloved Sarah’s wedding dress: “Her dress was no white wraith mistily drifting toward some vague spiritual experience; she wore a pea-green satin brocade with a bold pattern as she stepped joyfully toward her lover.”*

There is hope for my son! In the meantime, I will enjoy visions of other green things. Like these:

Green Needles

Green Directions

Green Drinks

Green Love

*Marriage to a Difficult Man: The Uncommon Union of Jonathan and Sarah Edwards by Elisabeth D. Dodds


4 thoughts on “Thinking Green: Wedding Dresses, Etc.

  1. Jeff and I are both laughing; Josh expressed the same desire to the two of us at our own wedding, and we both asked him the same question: "where will you find that girl who will wear the green dress?" 😉 Just thought this was a pretty funny memory. :)~Christina Seifert

  2. Once we told are cousins that he wanted a green wedding dress are cousin Kelsey did a video Joshes wifes future wedding dress and it was so funny. LOVE YOUR BLOG MOMLOEY

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