If you, like me and my siblings, can find the (M*A*S*H-like) humor in a prosthetics store named “Hanger,” then you are also likely to be familiar with the depths to which the human spirit is willing to delve in order to deal with trying circumstances. Those depths are, of course, soothed by the balm of prayers and the support, encouragement, kind words and hugs of family and friends – even strangers. But there is something to be said for visual relief, whether it be humorous or beautiful. When you see the rock and glue of your family looking frail and broken, it helps to also see the strength and vitality of life around us.

These are not new ideas – even for me. They just hit a little closer to home this past week when I spent some time in Oklahoma where my mom endured a pacemaker implantation, minor brain surgery and the re-inflation of a collapsed lung. And again, this is a woman who has spent her 77 years as the picture of health, a stubborn survivor of numerous trials, a persevering and beloved saint. Seeing the family matriarch in that condition was a reminder of the fragile and fleeting nature of this life. So, we found solace in the blessing of just being together. There’s a 16 year age span between the oldest and youngest of us (we do all have the same parents). While Mom was sleeping one day we took a lunch break, and (besides finding odd things to photograph) we found we couldn’t remember the last time we’d all been together, just the four of us. We took advantage of the time…

my sister mocking my brothers endless cell phone usage.

togetherness in the waiting room…

more scenes from the waiting room…yes, the timing feature
on my camera does work!

the beautiful Miss Audrey with Grandma Lisa
(my brother’s wife.)

my beautiful sister-in-law (my other brother’s wife) with
my “energetic” nephew

the recovering matriarch being cheered by her youngest grandchild

surrounding the “smile of hope”

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