Announcing a new addition…

I would say “she has her daddy’s blue eyes,” but I think the strange phenomena shown in the picture can be attributed to some kind of peculiar camera/lighting glitch. Instead of a red eye photo, we got a blue eye photo. At any rate, it’s been quite a few years since I announced a new addition to our family. The fact that I’m out of practice becomes obvious when I also confess that the addition came over two months ago. But here it is…her name is Cocoa (Puff) and she is an energetic, albeit scrawny, little kitten. I’m holding my friend, Gail, responsible for this increase in the cat population of my home; she and/or her daughters told my daughters about their neighbor’s free kitty give-away – or, as the girls would say, “free prowlers.” My initial reaction to Cocoa’s appearance was a little telling, I guess. With great expectations, I peeked into the box that held the little thing all snuggled in a fluffy old bathrobe. Then I looked at Gail, and she said (in her subtle Chicago accent), “Yeah, she looks a little feral, huh?” Maybe I’m slightly narrow minded when it comes to my expectations for what my “babies” will look like. When my second child was born I was almost certain the nurse had handed me the wrong baby because he didn’t look anything like my first baby. For one thing, he actually had hair. At least he was still precious. I’m still trying to assess the precious scale for Cocoa. Her black and tan features are so dark that her little face is almost nondescript. Maybe we should have named her “Camo.” Big sister, Sukey, definitely did not roll out the welcome mat, but now they’re almost inseparable. (See photo below.)


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