Gather ‘Round the Glass

I’ve done my fair share of moving throughout my life, mostly recently in 2006 and 2008. If you haven’t moved lately, I”ll remind you…it’s exhausting. You don’t just pack furniture and boxes of dishes and books. You pack truckloads of memories, anxieties, hopes, gratitude, joy. Tangible or not, all those boxes make one consider the necessity of some possessions. Like that bevy of wine glasses we’ve accumulated. None of our children is married yet, but we have enough glasses for our family, all potential spouses, the future in-laws, and several guests (or grandchildren!) I pray I’m not being presumptuous about the future crowd around our table, but in the meantime, do we really need all those glasses? I think I got my answer this week.

Sunday evening we hosted a wine and chocolate tasting party. By hosting I mean that we cleaned up the house and put out the welcome mat. Friends of ours, much more knowledgeable in matters of both wine and chocolate, organized and facilitated the activities. The group sampled ten varieties of wine and chocolate confections. It may sound like a lot, but the chocolate samples were bite-sized, and with nearly 20 people sampling the wine, it only amounted to about two glasses a person – and that’s if you drank your entire sample. Nobody was drunk, although one might have wondered had they dropped in right as we toasted bacteria. But drunkenness is foolish. As M. Constantine-Weyer said, “Never let a drunkard choose your wine. You may be sure he knows nothing about it. It is only sober people who know how to drink.”

Sober aspects of wine-drinking enhance the “merry heart” that it produces. Case in point: This was the second time on Sunday that we’d enjoyed the fruit of the vine with our friends. The first time was during Communion at church. I don’t think there is one among us who would neglect to make some kind of connection between our enjoyment of wine together socially and the symbolic wine (blood) of Christ that put us at His table together. Men and women of different races, backgrounds, interests and vocations. All because of wine, or rather The Wine.

That was the thought that cheered me as I carefully washed and dried and put up that throng of glasses. They are definitely worth the trouble.


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