Confessions of a Crab Queen

Make what you will out of today’s blog title, but it does come to you full of double meaning. Read on…
First, I admit to feeling a little crabby today. I’m not sure what the cause is exactly. Perhaps the partly tongue-in-cheek blog name has become a self-fulfilling prophecy and I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately. Perhaps I’ve been missing hubby who was in L.A. on business most of the week. Perhaps it’s because ever since living in Oregon my body has been programmed to welcome the soft pattering of rain from a lovely gray sky about this time of year, and alas it’s still all sunny and blue here in Arizona. (Today’s newspaper did, however, promise the end of triple digit temperatures. Hallelujah!) OR perhaps it’s because I went shopping this morning and once again encountered my NUMBER ONE ALL TIME PET PEAVE!!! Would someone please tell me why it is so impossibly difficult to roll Sylvan Goldman’s wondrous 1940 invention into its specially designed stalls which are so helpfully dispersed throughout most parking lots????? Mr. Goldman (no doubt an incredible human being – he was after all from one of the country’s greatest cities, i.e., Oklahoma City) would surely be saddened to find his invention so carelessly left in or in between parking places where they are at risk for injury. The worst offense of all and what really, really, really, really drives me crazy is when they’re left just one or two parking places (mere feet!) from the cart stalls! Come on, people, are we really that lazy, that rushed, that thoughtless? Don’t most of us need the extra exercise to walk those few feet, push that cart to the stall? Doesn’t anyone want to transform a crabby person’s day into a happy, smiley day?
Well, let me tell you about one person who apparently does. The seafood guy at Albertsons. A few weeks ago he gave me a tip for buying shrimp. Today I needed some (imitation) lump crab, and he gave me a great deal. And for that – combined with my parking lot induced mood – I’m claiming the title of Crab Queen for the Day!


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