Oregon: The Rest of the Trip

On Day Six we learned a fun new word game when we spent the afternoon after church with Steve, Margarete and other friends at the Eaton home. Word games or no, it’s been hard to find the right adjectives to describe the beauty, generosity, fun and warmth of the people and places we visited. And I do mean warmth literally here; I don’t think there was hardly a cloud in the sky during our entire visit. (We were only slightly disappointed that we didn’t experience a good ol’ Pacific Northwest rain.) Alas, I’ve skipped ahead a few days, so allow me to back up.
Day Four started and ended with doctors. While Auntie Jane took the younger kids EVERY PLACE THEY WANTED TO GO, hubby and I spent the morning with our oldest sons picking out new glasses and getting vision exams. Not to be left out, Little Brother, required a midnight trip to the ER when we thought he might have a serious health issue. The doctor taught us a surefire test for appendicitis. He probably doesn’t want to be quoted on this, but his secret little test is jumping up and down. Real attacks can’t endure it! The good news (besides the fact that Youngest Son felt better quickly) is that in between Binyons and the ER, I also got to go to my favorite thrift store and found this purse for $4.99!

On Day Five I headed up the Gorge to…
the incredible Multnomah Falls.

Of course, I didn’t go alone. I was the guest of these two lovely ladies (who also happen to be sisters.) Thanks for a fabulous morning, Diane and Karen!
While the girls and I spent the day visiting with friends, the guys headed to Seattle to do some tailgating…

and some celebrating!

Quiddler wasn’t the only hot game at the Eatons on Sunday afternoon. It looks like the big boys kind of took over Mouse Trap!
And then it was Monday, Day Seven, and time to say good-bye to our host family and the view from their back deck.

We took the back roads to the airport.

Oldest Sons came out to spend a little more time with us before our plane departed. We may look bored here, but we’re actually in the middle of one of our rousing Mad Libs!

And one last game of Rock, Paper, Scissors…
And one last group hug…
And one last photo to make their Mom happy. (Notice the nice eye ware!)

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