Oregon Day Three: A Day at the Beach

On Day Three we headed to the beach in our rented Surburban. Nicely equipped with a DVD player, it allowed us the unique experience of viewing one of our family favorites, “What About Bob,” while also viewing the scenic route to the beach. Actually Hubby and I, seated in the front, only got to listen to the movie. But we’ve seen it so many times that we didn’t even need the pictures to know what was going on. When Dr. Marvin says he needs some peace and quiet, and Bob (Bill Murray) says, “I’ll be quiet,” and Siggy says, “I’ll be Peace,” we could easily picture their boyish playfulness amid Siggy’s trashed bedroom. We filled the Suburban with laughter while the picturesque farms outside barely noticed our passing presence.
Our journey began as many of our past memorable journeys to the beach began: by taking Route 26 (Sunset Highway) through the tunnel under the hills and houses of West Portland. (I always thought it would be fun to live in one of those house, with cars passing under you all the time.)

This is just one of the beautiful farms along the highway.

And then we were there – Canon Beach! Hubby has been telling me about Canon Beach (and Haystack Rock) since before we were married. He spent 18 months attending a little non-accredited Bible/study center there in the early 80’s. Neither one of us ever imagined we would end up moving to Oregon and getting to experience it together, let alone have six kids to introduce to its beauty. God is good!

We took time away from playing on the beach to visit a few shops in town. Of course, you know we’d haunt the bookstores. This one has been in business for as long as we’ve been going there as a family.

I always have to check out the wine store, too. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything there. They have cool posters on their ceiling, too.

This photo was taken after our trip to the candy store and loading up on salt water taffy (and Jones Soda). Pretty serious looks for having just visited the candy store, huh? Well, maybe Son #2 did have somewhat of a sugar high!

We headed back to the beach and more fun playing in the sand!

Writer Daughter caught a few more waves in the Pacific before we headed back to Portland. It’s probably a crime that we didn’t stick around for what was sure to be another one of those stunning Oregon coast sunsets. At least we have memories of others.


One thought on “Oregon Day Three: A Day at the Beach

  1. it was SOOOOOO great to see y’all!! Sounds like your vacation was full of fun, food, and fabulous fellowship! i know we really enjoyed seeing you and catching up. busy is as busy does – i’ve gotta tuck my little ones in….sweet tea – i mean dreams……………

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