Oregon Day Two

Our second day in Oregon was all about spending time with ALL our kids – especially the two we hadn’t seen in a year. Those Two have become quite adept at getting around on the MAX light rail system. So, after touring their apartment for the first time (a pretty clean place with nice art work, I might add!) we took the Yellow Line from the Expo Center station to downtown Portland. Mass transit was never really a part of our suburban lives during the eight plus years we lived there, but it proved a very interesting way to see the unique sights and sounds of the city.

Hubby and Our Boys wait to leave the station.

Using the MAX and the downtown streetcar was fun, but old fashioned pedestrianism got us around just fine – especially when we got to one of our favorite places…Powell’s City of Books! I restrained myself and only carried away two books: one on the works of Albrecht Durer and another on the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. And speaking of architecture…

we saw quite a variety of it from our seats on the MAX. I still love the Portland skyline and the way it’s buffered by hills and trees.
What could come close to being as special as spending the day hanging out with all the kids? Hanging out with old friends! The girls’ friend, Carena, and her family were our first Oregon friends. Her mom and I met in a home school group when the girls were ages four, five and six. Carena has two older brothers who are almost exactly the same ages as our two oldest sons. Unfortunately, our time with them on this day was short, but only because we had to head to Vancouver to see…

more old friends! The Kochs were kind enough to host one of their famous barbecues (real, good BBQ!) for us. We had an incredible time catching up, meeting new babies, and marveling at how all the kids (too many to count!) had grown. One dear friend even taught me a great tip: always carry a corkscrew in your purse just in case you get to share a bottle of wine with an old friend! I have amazingly astute friends.

And so does my husband, although we sometimes question that when we remember the teams they root for. (We love you anyway, Victor.)


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