Back from Oregon (But Still Reliving It)

Waiting to board the plane at Sky Harbor…
It seems like it was only hours ago, but we’ve already been back from Oregon nearly two days! Once back, we hit the ground running. I had a Music Appreciation class to prep for, so I spent Monday night listening to “La Musique De La Bible Revelee” (The Music of the Bible Revealed) – a recording directed by the French music theoretician, Suzanne Haik-Vantoura. She spent much of her life studying the te amim (the tiny signs above and below the Hebrew script.) Very interesting music! Then I made copies for the Spanish class I’m also facilitating. What started out as a little class for my daughters and three of their friends has turned into a class of 15! But Tuesday went well: school with Cal and Loey, Music Appreciation and Spanish at co-op and three piano students in the late afternoon. This “Woman Who Never Sleeps” actually flopped into bed at 9:30 pm! Of course, I was awake at 4:00 this morning. I decided to download our photos and start reliving our wonderful vacation…

In the air at last! This was Baby Girl’s first airplane trip since going to Grandma Woods’ funeral with me in 2002.

Before we knew it Mount St. Helens was in view!
Seeing the often cloud-shrouded Mt. Hood was a treat!
Together at last! ALL Six wait for Dad to get the rental car.
First stop – Lucky Star Restaurant – our favorite (old) neighborhood Chinese food!
Auntie Jane! Our fabulous, over-the-top hospitable hostess!
Amenities at Auntie Jane’s include temperature perfect rooms with comfy beds loaded with blankets for those cool Oregon nights. Flowers at bedside and in the bathroom were just a couple of her special touches. There was also…
her famous strawberry pie!

Our first evening ended with food and fellowship with old friends in Vancouver. Of course, by that time my brain was fried, so I didn’t even think to pull out the camera. You’ll just have to imagine
the warm hospitality of the Bordwines, Holts and Joneses – and some very grungy kids after a night of trampoline jumping! Thus ends Day One. Depending on how my week continues, Day Two will be posted in the coming days.

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