On the road again

Thursday afternoon we left for a few days away.

Our destination?
This cozy cabin in Strawberry, Arizona…
owned by our friends and dynamic dancing couple,
Rob and Kim. They didn’t come with us, but
when we got there we wondered if they practiced
their dance moves at the cabin because
we discovered this fully functional technology,
which we had to explain to the kids was a
Complete with a great collection of vinyl!
While the inside of the cabin was great, the outside
was even better! We explored Strawberry on foot and…
on the four-wheeler! These two explored so much that
they ran out of gas and were rescued by a very nice retiree.
(Thank you, Mrs. Romey!)
Reportedly, there is large wildlife in the area,
but this squirrel was the largest animal we saw.
(We were kind of hoping to find Sasquatch –
now that we know he wasn’t frozen afterall.)
See more photos in my gallery!


One thought on “On the road again

  1. Hey! I recognize that vinyl! I have some just like it in the attic!! I think I like your friends, Rob and Kim. From your pics, Strawberry, AZ reminds me of central Oregon…ahhhhh….all those pine trees and sunshine. Can’t wait to see you in Oregon next week! :-)Love ya,Diane

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