Maricopa Mocha

My sons, who have been baristas at Coffee Snob places, are going to groan if they read this. I’m writing it anyway. I’ve concocted a creamy iced mocha that has become my husband’s morning beverage of choice. (The recipe is at the end of this posting.) It all started when we stayed in Lake Havasu City a couple of weeks ago.

Much to our own amazement, Hubby and I managed to get ourselves out of the hotel bed and take our morning walk. We did have a little motivation – we had plotted our route so that we could end up at the Starbucks down the street. We discovered that walking in Lake Havasu City is an even sweatier undertaking than it is here farther east. All the sweating made Hubby a prime target for what he might normally call a foo-foo drink. (Living in Arizona, it was only a matter of time, really.) Upon entering the cool, urban confines of said coffee establishment, I immediately announced I was ordering an iced coffee, and recommended that Hubby do the same. He actually took my suggestion, and now “the rest is history.”

Back home, I endeavored to create my own cool refreshment for us. At first I continued to brew our Coffee Snob brand coffee, cool it, and use it. Then I remembered I had some instant coffee crystals (please, don’t gasp so loudly!) that I’d purchased for a Delta Martini recipe. Using the coffee crystals is a much faster way to go, and seems to still supply the kick my beloved caffeine addict needs. (Wimp that I am these days, I use the de-caf version.)

Maricopa* Mocha

2 heaping teaspoons instant coffee crystals
1-2 teaspoons sugar or sweetener
2 tablespoons cold water (Eyeball it.)
Healthy splash of half and half
2-3 swirls chocolate syrup

Spoon coffee crystals and sweetener into a 16 ounce glass. Add water and half and half. Stir well to dissolve coffee crystals. Fill glass with ice cubes. Add milk to ¾ inch from rim. Stir in chocolate syrup.

*Maricopa is the Arizona county in which we reside.


2 thoughts on “Maricopa Mocha

  1. Or it could stand for our fair city of Maricopa… of which we reside — but different county all together. If you ever want a water-free alternative to your ice cubes in iced coffee you could try freexing coffee in some ice trays and add them to your beverage. Keeps it from becoming watery and and still adds a bit of a kick. That’s what we do… I love all things iced… especially coffee. But I may have to try your recipe.

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