Road Trip

Husband had to go west on business and he took the family along. His job as an insurance broker specializing in the church market takes him to places all across the state, but this time he headed West. I realize that looking at other people’s “vacation” pictures is not always exciting, but I’ve tried my best here, folks.

Our first stop was in Salome, Arizona.

To borrow a line from Tom Petty, “the waiting is the hardest part.”

BUT there’s always Hope…Hope, Arizona, that is!

…and so is “you’re” spelling!

Our next stop was in Parker, Arizona
where we saw this bridge to California.
We didn’t cross the bridge
(even though we got to it.)

We took a break by the Colorado River.

Here’s an “unobstructed” view of the Colorado.

This is London Bridge at Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
Yes, this is the one that used to cross the Thames.
Click HERE to visit the website.

Lake Havasu City was not the bustling tourist attraction
we remembered from our first trip there in 1992.
The locals blamed the owner’s bankruptcy
and a tourism downturn since 911.
There was one gift shop

still open and it provided a head full of entertainment.

Three children ventured into Lake Havasu.

One child ventured at her own pace.

I was there too…only a shadow of myself. = )

My flip-flop served as the headquarters for the beginning of the shell collection.

Baby girl examined her share of the shells.

We came across the aptly named shop.
Believe it or not, Hubby didn’t even set foot in it!

We not only set foot in this establishment,
we made camp.
Writer Daughter said she wanted
to find a book store and an antique store.
(Shh…don’t tell her, but she’s becoming her mother!)

Does this tree remind you of life…a little twisted sometimes?

The symbol of one of life’s guides in our oft-twisted lives.
Vacations allow us the opportunity to reflect on many things, don’t they?


4 thoughts on “Road Trip

  1. Well that looked like fun. I noticed the misuse of good grammar on the “Hope” sign before I read your caption. I wonder if anyone has ever brought it to their attention. Funny.

  2. HaHa Mom. Shh! Don’t tell anyone but I think your daughter’s okay with becoming like you.I think I am going to post on our little adventure too.I loved the pics. =]Love your infamous daughter, Kathryn (Katy)P.S I have decided that I don’t care if people call me Katy, or Kathryn

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