"A big cactus with a pink flower on it…"

My husband and I have been taking morning walks. This was our second week. You don’t know what a feat this is for us – especially since experience has proven that 5:00 a.m. is the best time for summertime walking in the desert. One day this week, I finally remembered to bring along my camera so I could photograph the flowering cacti along our path. The cacti remind me of The Tree Hugger Song, which reminds me of its writer, Kimya Dawson, which reminds me of the article I read about her in Critique magazine. Critique is a publication of Ransom Fellowship (see my Friends and Favorites links). Thanks to the recommendation of my dear friend, Pat (one of my most reliable resources for great reading material) I’ve received the magazine, along with its companion publication, Toad Hall, for the last few years. The issues contain excellent and helpful movie, music, and book reviews, and thought-provoking articles. You can contact “RF” and subscribe to the publications via their website by clicking on “Donate.” You don’t have to send them any money, but I recommend it. They are worthy of your generosity.

I didn’t mean to turn this into an advertisement for Ransom Fellowship, but I do mean to encourage you to listen to The Tree Hugger Song. For those of you who live where real tree huggers are always in the news for setting their tents up in trees to protest clearcutting and other acts of violence toward our tree friends, don’t worry. The song is folksy and fun. My daughters and I love to sing along to the fast-paced, catchy lyrics – except for the verse in French. (Mademoiselle Huelle would be so disappointed in me.) This animated YouTube version is cute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKKNBUMy0II

Enjoy the rest of the cactus photos!


2 thoughts on “"A big cactus with a pink flower on it…"

  1. Hey R,Makes me realize I need to stop & smell the roses (or photo the cacti) as well…..we’ve got some bloomin’ ones up here too. 😉 soon, I promise….

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