The Dish Fairy

Most Monday mornings I wake to the soft calling of my dishes. We, that is, my dishes and I, have an agreement: after my family’s main meal on Sundays, I give them a rinse and set them in the sink to relax. Sometimes I transfer them on to their own personal sauna (a.k.a., the dishwasher) that night, but often they have to wait until Monday morning. When feasible, I use their disposable cousins for any other food-related activities that day.

My dishes and I developed this relationship about 10 years ago when my husband and I were confronted with the existence of The Fourth Commandment. We’ve been reading and attempting to understand and follow the Bible for most of our lives. We could even list most of The Ten Commandments (in some order). Somehow, an understanding of the ongoing validity and application to “remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy” had escaped us. I wouldn’t call us “strict Sabbatarians” now, but we do try to spend our Sundays in worshipful and restful activities. Sometimes we celebrate the day by getting together after church with other rest-needy people, and we try to give rest to still others (like the grocery store clerk.) I think it’s very cool that I can include my dishes in my resting.

This morning I thought it was especially cool when I came downstairs and discovered that my dishes had already received their sauna treatment. Some had even received a special hand- washing treatment! Either we have a Dish Fairy or those teenage daughters have been doing something other than watching late night movies. The thought of having a Dish Fairy is kind of a thrilling prospect, but I’ve got to go with my gut on this one…thanks, Girls!


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