Happy Anniversary, Baby!

It’s hard to believe, but 23 years ago today, in a swelteringly humid little Oklahoma town, I got married. Despite the type of day that scares off Colorado friends, some dear, kind ladies prepared and decorated that beautiful little brick church. My Love and I said our vows in the amazingly cool sanctuary amidst the candles and stained glass, before the cross and before our family and friends. It’s a beautiful scene to remember – even if we do regret not playing more rock and roll!

Last night we celebrated with new friends, reminisced, laughed about our fights and stupidity and played that rock and roll! The tears of recent challenges are fresh in our minds, but so too, is the grace of God that has enabled us to endure. I pray He gives us many more years of figuring life out together because…“Baby, I’m-A Want You!” = )


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Baby!

  1. Your so sweet my dear…and such a good writer too, I’m glad your finally blogging. I too pray for many more years together with you and our children, for the glory of our redeemer the Lord Jesus Christ.Jay

  2. Hey Mrs. Harding, Its Lauren 🙂 Congrats on 23 years! Its been so much fun knowing you and your family, you guys are amazing friends, and I also hope for you to have many more happy years with eachother!!

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